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Minutes of meetings

1. Project meeting: 22.11.2007 – 25.11.2007 in Frankfurt (Germany)
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» Minutes of the first project meeting in Frankfurt


2. Project meeting: 21.02.2008 – 24.02.2008 in Arnhem (Netherlands)
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» Minutes of the second project meeting in Arnhem


3. Project meeting: 30.05.2008 – 01.06.2008 in Tallinn (Estonia)
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» Minutes of the third project meeting in Tallinn


4. Project meeting: 18.09.2008 – 21.09.2008 in Eger (Hungary)
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» Minutes of the fourth project meeting in Eger


5. Project meeting: 11.12. 2008 - 14.12. 2008 in Györ (Hungary)
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» Minutes of the fifth project meeting in Györ


6. Project meeting: 5. 3. 2009 – 8.3. 2009 in Guebwiller (France)
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» Minutes of the sixth project meeting in Guebwiller


7. Project meeting: 4. 6. 2009 - 7. 6. 2009 in Lulea (Sweden)
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» Minutes of the seventh project meeting in Lulea


8. Project meeting: 17.9. – 20.9. 2009 in Offenburg (Germany)
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» Minutes of the eighth project meeting in Offenburg






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