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The TICKLE project is a member of the Learning Teacher Network - a European network of organisations in the field of Teacher Education, resulting from a former Comenius 2.1 network. The project members attend the yearly conferences, write articles in the "Learning Teacher Journal" and disseminate actively the TICKLE results.

2009 the confrence is held in Ljublana.


The swedish TICKLE group is involved in the World Indgenous peoples conferences on education. Two members gave workshops on the conference in Australia. Read more


Other networks we are in contact with

Learning Migration Network
The main objective of the network is to establish a www-supported framework for effective collaboration between different types of institutions in the field of Migration and Intercultural Relations. The aim of the network will be to enhance today's education in migration studies and intercultural education. Coordinating institution: University of Stavanger (Nor)

The Mentor Migration Network Nightingale
The Mentor Migration Network Nightingale deals with the trainning of students as mentors for migrant children in Europe. The model recruits children 8-12 years with immigrant background. The aim of the Nightingale model is to give the child a positive role model through a personal relationship and thereby strengthen the child's confidence in its own potentials and abilities. For the student this relationship offers a unique understanding of social and ethnic diversity.Nightingale - mutual benefit to both child and mentor, an experience and knowledge for life.

INNOCENT - Project
The objective of the project "INNOCENT - INtegratioN of sOcially excluded and migrant workers' Children into Education, through iNTercultural competence" is to develop a training course for teachers either in their initial training or in service. Realizing this objective the aim of the partnership is to raise intercultural competence of teachers: - to manage intercultural conflicts at school, - to eliminate prejudices and create a multicultural spirit amongst teachers, - to propose and disseminate pedagogic strategies and methodologies to promote integration and to encourage mobility of teachers.


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