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Name of the tool

Managing diversity – A day to introduce Intercultural competence as a topic in teacher education

Links to the keystones
skills, attitudes, awareness, knowledge

Aim of tool/ Brief overall description

      • File 1: Facts and figures about  migration in your local, regional or national setting
      • File 2: Getting acquainted with social networks in your local, regional or national setting, who deal with migration questions
      • File 3: The term “Culture” what does it “include” and “exclude”?
      • File 4: Self-concepts: Am I a intercultural competent person?
      • File 5: Games, to raise awareness of own attitudes
      • File 6: Teaching in an intercultural classroom – what can I observe?

Main methods

    Intercultural expert as guest speaker

    “Living statistics” as a method of self-reflection

    Video film analysis with observation sheet

    Interactive games





Description of the process and the possible stepping stones

  • A. Powerpoint presentation: Facts and figures about the intercultural topic
  • B. Presenting a social network/intercultural project with an intercultural expert as guest speaker
  • C. Group work with a moderator: Three intercultural games  (see Links)
  • D. Video film analysis based on an observation sheet (see links)
  • E. Interview with an experienced teacher of a multicultural class

Time period: 6 hours (3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon)

Description of the process and the possible outcome of the tool:

  1. A power point presentation shows facts and figures about the actual policy of education with the focus on migration.
  2. At the beginning of the workshop the participants watch a movie which shows an example of a successful intercultural networking  in the local, regional or national setting.
  3. Then an intercultural expert gives a lecture on intercultural issues and experiences
  4. “Live statistics” with the whole group: a moderator puts questions to the participants, which demonstrate the range of intercultural issues of the group itself. In this way the participants realize that the topic is one  main subject in their future job as a teacher.
  5. Interactive games will let them experience their individual standards of culture, their attitudes and values to create awareness of them.
  6. The video film (or a sequence of teaching)  will be analyzed using the observation sheet which is based on our definitions of intercultural competence.
  7. After watching the video the teacher trainees have the possibility to interview the teacher shown in the film or another teacher who works in multicultural classrooms.  They can compare what they hear from this teacher with their own experiences at school.

Stepping stones
Working in bigger groups
Time comsuming (e. g. making the video sequence, invite guest speaker, gather informations)
How to continue with this initiative during the whole period of training?



  • Video Film with teaching lessons, produced in multicultural classrooms (coming soon)
  • Facts and figures about Migration




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Eva Woelki
Mira Koch
Bernd Schüssele
Rose Bauer
Irene Litterst-Lehmann



Staatliches Seminar für Didaktik und Lehrerbildung (GHS) Offenburg, Germany