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Name of the tool

Systems theory based questionnaire to explore how the schools deal with the multicultural situation

Links to the keystones

Aim of tool/ Brief overall description

Getting an overview on the concepts of schools how they deal with a multicultural environment

Main methods

    Interviews with the questionnaire

Description of the process and the possible stepping stones

  • As a theoretical background the teacher trainees get an input about the systemic-constructivist theory applied on the system of schools (mobile model, Knoll).
  • The teacher trainees develop questions in order to capture the complex situation at their school.
  • In addition to their own questions they receive a more elaborate questionnaire.
  • The teacher trainees explore their school and prepare a presentation of the results.
  • The teacher trainees show their presentation to their colleagues. This way they get a reader with different concepts.   




Eva Woelki
Mira Koch
Bernd Schüssele
Rose Bauer
Irene Litterst-Lehmann



Staatliches Seminar für Didaktik und Lehrerbildung (GHS) Offenburg, Germany