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Name of the tool

Working with parents in a multicultural environment

Links to the keystones
skills, attitudes, awareness, knowledge

Aim of tool/ Brief overall description

  • Developing a positive attitude towards the cooperation with parents and looking at parents as allied partners
  • Knowing about the importance of  systemic networks (effecting the efforts of parents on educational achievements of their children)
  • Knowledge about successful concepts in the field of working with parents
  • Knowledge and practising of skills like leading parental talks and how to prepare  a parent’s evening in the school

Main methods

    • Simulations (presentation parents' evening, parental talks)
    • Get to know from projects by experts
    • Self-reflection
    • School visits/field work learning
    • Video film analyses
    • Questionnaire


Description of the process and the possible stepping stones

This tool is sequenced over several working sessions. According to the model of competences we work in different areas:

  • Awareness/ attitudes:

Reflection of the own school career biography: Associations and self-reflection of  the experiences of parental work as student  helps to get aware of the own positive and negative experiences with parents in school.
Reflection of the work at school: In the new role as teacher I am influenced by my  colleagues – their attitudes, prejudices and stereotypes.

    • Knowledge

The teacher trainees investigate which original cultures are represented in their classes. They compile in groups knowledge about the origin cultures (religion, migration history, traditions, language (words: as "Good afternoon".), ethnical behaviours, values, meaning and statute of mothers, fathers, teachers., categories of Hofstede like distance- nearness, time, power, Gender … and present their results.

They receive insight into different projects of parental work.
They get to know basic skills how to lead talks with migrant parents.
They receive a questionnaire to analyze how the school is working with parents.

    • Skills

The teacher trainees simulate a parents' evening. They train to present themselves and their concept of teaching  and to get in contact with the parents.


Films like “The class” from Laurent Cantet; Video films; Powerpoint presentation  “Working with parents”, simulation exercises  (e.g. parent’s evening), guidelines for parental talk



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Eva Woelki
Mira Koch
Irene Litterst-Lehmann
Bernd Schüssele
Rose Bauer


Staatliches Seminar für Didaktik und Lehrerbildung (GHS) Offenburg, Germany