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Name of the tool

Criterias of intercultural competence by analyzing video films of teacher working in a multicultural class 

Links to the keystones
attitudes, awareness, knowledge

Aim of tool/ Brief overall description

  • Getting courage and inspiration how to work with multicultural classes through a positive model (the video sequence shows a teacher and his class,7 th grade, during  a project about intercultural learning)

  • Reflecting own attitudes based on a catalogue of  criteria for  intercultural competence

Main methods

Video analysis with observation sheet


Description of the process and the possible stepping stones

This tool is sequenced over several working sessions. According to the model of competences we work in different areas:

  • Awareness/ attitudes:

Reflection of the own school career biography: Associations and self-reflection of  the experiences of parental work as student  helps to get aware of the own positive and negative experiences with parents in school.
Reflection of the work at school: In the new role as teacher I am influenced by my  colleagues – their attitudes, prejudices and stereotypes.

    • Knowledge

The teacher trainees investigate which original cultures are represented in their classes. They compile in groups knowledge about the origin cultures (religion, migration history, traditions, language (words: as "Good afternoon".), ethnical behaviours, values, meaning and statute of mothers, fathers, teachers., categories of Hofstede like distance- nearness, time, power, Gender … and present their results.

They receive insight into different projects of parental work.
They get to know basic skills how to lead talks with migrant parents.
They receive a questionnaire to analyze how the school is working with parents.

    • Skills

The teacher trainees simulate a parents' evening. They train to present themselves and their concept of teaching  and to get in contact with the parents.


Criteria catalogue – observation sheet
Video film (coming soon)



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Eva Woelki
Mira Koch
Irene Litterst-Lehmann
Bernd Schüssele
Rose Bauer


Staatliches Seminar für Didaktik und Lehrerbildung (GHS) Offenburg, Germany