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Name of the tool

Do you tolerate differences?

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Aim of tool/ Brief overall description
To collect and survey information about attitudes and prejudices against            different social and ethnic groups among teachers and teacher trainees.


Main methods
You use a questionnaire (which you have to modify by replacing the names of ethnic/cultural groups according to your situation), analyze the answers, make conclusions and integrate     the results into the training process.



Description of the process and the possible stepping stones


This is a good tool to get an overall view of a group’s prejudices and attitudes towards different social and ethnic groups which gives a good basis to work out a suitable training program. 




PC, printer and copy machine



Dr. Remsei Sándor Ph.D.                                                
Makkos Anikó
Varga Balázs



University of West Hungary
Apáczai Csere János Faculty
Hungary, Győr