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Name of the tool

Are you a tolerant teacher? 

Links to the keystones

Aim of tool/ Brief overall description
This is a good tool to get an overall view of teachers’ everyday practices from the point of view of tolerance.  It helps teachers to face their present prejudices and attitudes. It also gives the basis for their trainers to shape special postgraduate programs.


Main methods
You use a questionnaire (which you have to complete by filling in the name(s) of ethnic/cultural groups according to your situation – question 1), analyze the answers, make conclusions and integrate the results into the training process.



Description of the process and the possible stepping stones

The tool makes it possible to reveal the teachers’ practices and hidden or declared prejudices. On the basis of the results the problematical fields become visible and can be discussed in their postgraduate training process.




PC, printer and copy machine




Dr. Remsei Sándor Ph.D.                                                
Makkos Anikó
Varga Balázs



University of West Hungary
Apáczai Csere János Faculty
Hungary, Győr