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Name of the tool

“What if you were a ....” A social status roleplay  

Links to the keystones
attitudes, awareness, knowledge

Aim of tool/ Brief overall description
The tool helps the teacher trainees to be aware that our behaviour patterns are based on perceptions of socio-cultural status, and that reflecting upon it enhances understanding each  others.


Main methods

  • Roleplay



Description of the process and the possible stepping stones

    • Warming up, instruction for the roleplay
    • Forming groups for the different situations (3-4 persons)
    • Chosing a situation card
    • Preparing in groups
    • Performing, videotaping (optional)
    • Discussions





- Instructions
- List of situations
- Discussions (main points, questions)
- Reference to training material
− a room for 25 persons, with movable furniture
- pieces of paper with instructions, symbolic tools for the simulation such as clothes, mobiles etc. (not necessery)
− videocamera and videoplayer, if we analize the simulated scenes watching (replay) them together




  • Joseph P. Forgas (1986): Interpersonal Behaviour the Psychology of Social Interaction. Pergamon, Sidney. (In Hungarian: Forgács József (Forgas, Joseph P)(1993): A társas érintkezés pszichológiája. Gondolat kiadó, Budapest.

  • B. Nagy Éva, Boreczky Ágnes, Kovács Mónika (2006): Multikulturális tartalmak – Interkulturális nevelés. Képzési csomag a pedagógusképző felsőoktatási intézmények számára. suliNova Közoktatás-fejlesztési és Pedagógus-továbbképzési Kht.


György Mészáros, Zsolt Mogyorósi



Eszterházy Károly College, Eger, Hungary