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Name of the tool

“My life – his life” Enhancing socio-cultural awareness via biographies (film)

Links to the keystones
attitudes, awareness, knowledge

Aim of tool/ Brief overall description
Based on self-biographical elements, help teacher trainees to understand similarities and differences with the life of people form other socio-cultural milieu.

Brief overall description
The students compare their family backgrounds and (family-life) stories with the story of the Romani person in the film they watch and they reflect on.


Main methods

    • Brainstorming
    • Drawing own family trees (following instructions)
    • Pairwork
    • Observations (watching a film)
    • Comparison
    • Reflections



Description of the process and the possible stepping stones

  • Brainstormig (the meanings of some basic notions, such as socialization and  culture).
  • Drawing the family tree of own (individual work, based on instruction)
  • Forming pairs.
  • Discussing family trees (based on instruction), making notes.
  • Pairs presenting differences and similarities.
  • Watching a film about a Romani person speaking about his family and his life. (observation instructions)
  • Discussing similarities and differences between “my life and his life” (Based on instruction).
  • Discussion of the “message”.

Reflection and evaluation

We tried the tool in a group of our students. They participated actively, and at the end of the process they discovered that the similarities in values (with Adolf: the Romani father) are much more then the differences. The film helped them to understand better the milieu and circumstances of Romani people’s life.






  • Instructions for drawing family trees
  • Instructions for observation
  • Film
  • Reference to training material, and other sources.

Active participation in every phase of the process



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    • Giddens, A. (2003): Szociológia. Osiris Kiadó, Budapest.


Zsolt Mogyorósi, Mária Nagy, György Mészáros



Eszterházy Károly College, Eger, Hungary