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Name of the tool

“Find a title!”. A game for identifying stereotypes of European nations.                                       

Links to the keystones
Attitudes: raising awareness of the participants about stereotypical national characters.

Aim of tool/ Brief overall description
To make negative or positive stereotypes overt in an intercultural group in a humorous way

Brief overall description
To show pictures of little children in funny situations. The (national/ethnic) groups of students are to find titles to the pictures, using the name of a nation, or etnic group


Main methods

    • Group work

    • Game

Description of the process and the possible stepping stones


  1. The teacher prepares a slideshow with funny pictures (of children) in different situations.
  2. The students are divided into groups.
  3. He/she shows the slides one by one to the students/participants.
  4. After each picture the groups has cc. 1-2 minutes of time for discussion, and they give a title to the picture. They are required to include the name of a European nation/ethnic group in the title.
  5. After the slide show has ended, the teacher shows the slides again, and the groups read their titles.
  6. After the game the participants reflect on their titles and feelings.  

Reflection and evaluation

It is very important that the students consider this as a game, and that the teacher can create an adequate atmosphere for humor and not-offending irony.
We tried this game in our Tickle group, and everybody enjoyed it.



PPT file with picture




Group of 20-25 participants



Active participation in the game.



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Zsolt Mogyorosi



Eszterházy Károly College, Eger, Hungary