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Classrooms and intercultural settings – are transfers possible?

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attitudes, awareness

Aim of tool/ Brief overall description
Aim of the tools:

    Tool has three parts:
    - A research questionaire that was conducted by IUFM Alsace about the ideas and origins, why  our teacher trainees have choosen the teaching profession. 
    - A discussion group work of that research why we have a special problem in France concerning our education system: a very homogenious school structure and culture, without the possibility to chose other ways. This makes it difficult, to scrutinise his/her own values on a european level.
    - A Reflection and debate with the participants with the following key questions:

    Is it possible to transfer the research into the structure of teacher education in the Netherlands?

    1. This approach aims to transform the participants from listeners to actors. The participants should evaluate the questionaire and the opportunity to use it in different settings e.g. Netherlands or another european country.
    2. Summarise other possibilities for using the questionaire
      • Final debate: Can literature for young people , e. g. books and albums contribute to interculturality in Europe?
      • Can we implement elements of children and young peoples literature into the teacher education system?
      • Can these elements- books, albums etc. – used in lessons - contribute to an awareness for interculturality in the school community?

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Group work

Individual work



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Edith Weber, Teacher trainer,
Nicolas Schreck, Teacher trainer,