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The culture game (Discover the rules of the culture)

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Aim of tool/ Brief overall description
By playing the culture game the participants realize the powerful effects that culture plays in every person's life and the impact it can have. It can be a start to motivate participants to rethink their behavior and attitude toward others. They feel the alienation and confusion that comes from being different. This culture game shakes participants out of thinking in stereotypes of anyone who is different.


Main methods
Group work. Number of participants at least 6 persons.



Description of the process and the possible stepping stones
A) A minority of students is sent out of the room. They discuss their strategy how to discover the rules of the other culture

B) The majority thinks of a new culture with accompanying rules. They just answer the questions with yes or no. Suggestions for rules:
1. You respond to the questions asked in a friendly way with a smiling face always with ‘yes’. Questions asked in a unfriendly or serious way with a serious face are always responded with ‘no’.
2. You are only allowed to answer questions from persons of your own gender.
3. If somebody touches you just shout and don’t answer the question.
4. You give the opposite answer to the question, when you mean yes you say no.
5. People can only ask you questions when your arms are crossed.
6. You must blink your eyes three times before answering.
7. ...

C) When the students who are sent out of the room, have entered the room again, they are told that their questions are just answered by a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.
While discovering the rules of the new culture they discuss loud about their
D) Sharing the experiences together.


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Abram, I (2001): The ABCD of classroom education; Projectgroep ICO, Den Bosch



Henk Boer
Gerbert Sipman
Bernadet Tijnagel



HAN University, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, Pabo Arnhem