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Name of the tool

Dust in the wind

Links to the keystones

Aim of tool/ Brief overall description
The student realizes the influences of his personality and his environment.
This activity is focused on the past as well as on the present


Main methods
Individual work and small groups



Description of the process and the possible stepping stones
The student makes his own narrative, including personality, self esteem identity and his ‘ecological field of influences’ .
Afterwards the students exchange parts of their own life stories in small groups.


Copies of the ecological field of influences

Abram, I (2001): The ABCD of classroom education; Projectgroep ICO, Den Bosch



Henk Boer
Gerbert Sipman
Bernadet Tijnagel



HAN University, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, Pabo Arnhem