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Name of the tool

Seminars  in “Teachers Intercultural Competence”



Links to the keystones
Attitudes, awareness and knowledge.

Aim of tool/ Brief overall description

    The overall aim is to drive awareness and knowledge further with individuals engaging with each other, drawing up to their power to create community as facilitator of each others talents and to enrich each other as individuals.

    Brief overall description
    Student teachers are invited to take part in seminars sessions after reading literature, biographies and roman’s as a base for reflections and dialogues.

Main methods

Seminars are developed, planned and programmed  to come in continuously during the graduate course dealing with the multicultural society. Every student have to choose literature from a list and to add literature to the list. Every participant presents their choices. In this way curiosity is raised for the literature in focus. 


Description of the process and the possible stepping stones

Step-by-step. 1. Decide the profile of the seminar. 2.Choose the literature. 3.Choose an eventual expert in the area for the seminar. 4.Schedule the seminar. 5.Process it.  6.Reflection and evaluation





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    To apply for the course where the seminar is included


Chaiklin, S and Lave, J. ( 1993). Understanding practice – perspectives on activity and context.
Bunar, N. (1999). Multikulturalism är död, leve multikulturalism! Om den svenska skolans (multikulturella) möjligheter och begränsningar


Gunilla Johansson, Marja Liisa Lejon


Department for educational sciences, Luleå University of Technology