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Name of the tool

Graduate course “Leadership for an multicultural school”


Links to the keystones
Attitudes, awareness and knowledge.

Aim of tool/ Brief overall description

    Develop knowledge, awareness and attitudes


    Brief overall description
    In a monocultural learning organization the structures, values, and norms are uphold ands defended, and this works against change and development. To work as a teacher in a multicultural milieu needs knowledge of these processes as well as conditions to change. A multicultural organization needs heterogeneous perspectives. The aim is also to be aware of the cultural blindness even concerning attitudes, values, and relation

Main methods

Graduate study course in teacher education open for teacher students and for in-service training.

Description of the process and the possible stepping stones

Step-by-step 1.  Analyze the needs from the field 2. Go through the requirements. 3. Develop the course. Evaluation. 





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    To apply for the course where the seminar is included


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Gunilla Johansson, Marja Liisa Lejon


Department for educational sciences, Luleå University of Technology